About Derby Ho

Hi I’m Derby, a licensed California board certified Acupuncturist based in Los Angeles, California. 

Derby Ho

My mission is to empower my clients and help them work through pain to recovery and to discover the gateway into a more optimized, holistic and healthy lifestyle. 

Currently I offer acupuncture for stress and pain management, sports related and musculoskeletal injury and cosmetic (facial rejuvenation) services in addition to Women’s Functional Medicine to support fertility, pregnancy, hormonal changes and restore balance in the body. I also offer Herbal + Nutritional Consultations and Cupping.

I am a certified ABORM Fellow (The Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine), and I have advanced training in Western and Eastern reproductive medicine, with deep knowledge of reproductive anatomy, physiology, pathology, and how Traditional Chinese Medicine can complement and enhance ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) techniques. I have helped many patients on their fertility and pregnancy journey, as well as with pre and post-natal care to prepare patients as they embark on an exciting new chapter of life.  

I have served the community as a Staff Acupuncturist at Whole Foods Medical & Wellness Center in Glendale, CA in addition to having my own practice as the Principal Chinese Medicine Doctor at Derby Ho Acupuncture in Culver City, CA since 2015.

I look forward to guiding you on a healing journey and restoring balance for your mind, spirit and body. 

In gratitude and in great health,